Consider Expanding Your IT Team to Include Grantbook

From GMS to office productivity, CRM through to DAF management, donor portals and beyond, we can quickly triage, diagnose, and treat your most acute technology issues, as well as help you develop a strategic tech roadmap for the ongoing digital evolution of your philanthropy tech.

Team up with us and get...

More time for more world-changing

We’ll get to know your tech ecosystem and can solve your issues in a fraction of the time you can, freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Peace of mind

Whether it’s staff turnover or keeping up with rapidly changing technology and grantmaking trends, we can augment your team with resilience and redundancy to help keep you sane in a VUCA world!

Maximized ROI on your tech investments

What percentage of your tech’s potential are you currently tapping into? And what percentage of your team is harnessing that potential? Nudge those percentages up for huge wins.

Need Immediate or Ongoing Support for Your Philanthropy Tech?

Struggling with pressing tech challenges beyond your IT or grantmaking team’s capacity or expertise? Sign up for ongoing consulting and access to the breadth and depth of Grantbook’s knowledge of GMSs and the whole suite of adjacent technology tools that support philanthropy.

Evolve: Grantbook Managed Services

Our managed services, specifically designed for grantmakers, DAF-based organizations, and foundations, will help you manage the constellation of software systems and applications that enable you to make the most impact in the world. Partnering with Grantbook ensures you are keeping pace with the best practices in people, technology, and processes that are transforming grantmaking.

Ideal for: Foundations looking for a long term tech partner to build resilience and strategic philanthropy tech expertise into their IT teams, and looking to consistently grow in their digital maturity.

Stabilize: Grantbook Support

Whether you are experiencing a lot of turnover, dealing with legacy systems at the limits of their potential, or need help properly integrating your systems, we can help. Consider us expert allies on speed dial for the advice, training, and fixes to get your team back to mission critical—saving the world. Less bug fixing. More world changing.

Ideal for: Foundations looking to augment or supplement their tech teams on an ad-hoc, as-needed basis, or for foundations with a short term tech challenge that needs to be triaged and diagnosed quickly.

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We can't thank Grantbook enough for their guidance, support and technical expertise over the years! As our business evolves and requirements shift, Grantbook always manages to find an elegant solution to our challenges, saving us countless time and effort. [...] After several years working together, it's clear we couldn't afford not to use Grantbook.
Zina Nelku, Sr. Data Analyst at Grand Challenges Canada
Zina Nelku
Sr. Data Analyst
Grand Challenges Canada
The Grantbook team members I deal with regularly are thoughtful, dedicated and responsive. They have taken the time to understand our needs and processes in depth; and they come well-prepared, are solution-focused and often anticipate questions I may have.
Bruce Lawson, President of the Counselling Foundation of Canada
Bruce Lawson
The Counselling Foundation of Canada
The staff at Grantbook are some of the most knowledgeable, patient and helpful professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Every question, regardless how simplistic, is answered with respect. Grantbook is an extremely impressive organization.

Portrait of Marilyn Van Norman, National Outreach & Innovation at CERIC
Marilyn Von Norman
National Outreach & Innovation
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