Our approach is human-centered.

Why "human-centered"?

Humans are at the heart of successful organizations.

From governance to operations, we bring our experiences, perspectives and preferences to work every single day. We make decisions, we negotiate we empathize and we relate with one another in order to achieve our goals. While we use tools and processes to activate our choices, human minds and hearts are at the centre of what drives our work. Acknowledging our human aspects is acknowledging what moves technology to drive success.

What are the benefits of a human-centered approach?


Truly successful solutions persist through time and changes in staff and leadership. Understanding the people who must adopt and maintain solutions over time fosters sustainable solution development.


Understanding impact requires understanding the people that are impacted. A human-centered approach prioritizes grantee voices, enabling grantmakers to make truly transformative change.


When everyone is included, empowered, and enthusiastic to contribute, you become more than just an organization - you become an organism: a singular, resilient unit, capable of adapting to any circumstance.

In Practice

What does it mean to be human-centered, practically?


Ask questions about the problem.

Focus on learning through process.

Empower stakeholders.

Test your assumptions, to uncover root causes and unmet needs.


Give prescriptive answers.

Focus on generating products.

Patronize stakeholders.

Rely on assumptions, resulting in band-aid solutions.