We take the anxiety and risk out of software selection

You’ve done your homework — asked your foundation peers, watched a few demos, read countless on-line software reviews, posted questions in a couple of forums — but you’re still struggling to make sense of all the grants management software options out there.
Our Process

Our signature process has helped over 50 foundations confidently step into their digital futures.

Why use our solution selection process?

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Avoid overwhelm

Over hundreds of projects we’ve learned the ins and outs of grants management tech. We get you to a few viable paths forward and offer you a clear rubric to help you decide between them. Imagine that!

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Seize this chance

A major shift in your technology, however daunting, is always an opportunity to reimagine and re-envision. We help you grab this moment to truly align your strategy, people, processes and tech to make the very most of this major investment.

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Come out ahead

Are you sure we won’t just be trading one set of headaches for another? Throughout the selection process, we’ll equip you with the mindset and tools to ensure your new solution actually gets you much further ahead. After all, you’re hardly in this to protect the status quo.

See Our Process
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Grantbook was a phenomenal partner for our vendor selection project. I loved working with the genuinely kind, super smart, authentic humans that staffed our project and I was impressed by their holistic, thoughtful process to vendor selection. They didn’t just dive in and start talking about features…they encouraged us to take a step back and envision what we wanted our system to help us become as an organization. We really enjoyed every step of our journey with them.
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Knowledge and Grants Manager
The Libra Foundation
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Why partner with Grantbook?

Compare apples to apples.

Grantbook helps you compare across software options or solutions sets, looking far beyond the hype and lofty promises, equipping you to make a great decision.

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Put people first

Our human-centred approach to defining and designing for requirements means we get to know your team and the way they work first, long before we talk software features. Yes, we’re surprisingly fun for a bunch of techies.

Tap into best practices

Haven’t you ever wanted to know what your peers are up to? How are other foundations leveraging technology to make greater impact? We thrive on sharing the wealth of approaches we’ve gathered across all of our projects.

How would we work together?

Depending on the size and complexity of your grantmaking organization, your Grantbook project team will work with you anywhere from 2 to 6 months - via a combination of in-person and video conference meetings - to get you to a confident, triumphant decision.

You’re about to place a big bet on your digital future.

Partnering with Grantbook will not only allow you to feel confident in the path you choose but will also set you up for success once you embark on your actual implementation.

Here are just a few activities that will help us guide you to your selection:

Digital Strategy Workshop

Any software is just one piece of a wider system. We ensure that the tool you pick fits your people, processes, and existing technology.

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Staff interviews

We approach technology with user needs first - this ensures staff buy-in and realistic expectations for better long-term adoption.

Process Mapping

We create process maps to help everyone get a better understanding of how grantmaking works and how software tools can help.

Customized Demos

Based on our work with you, we work with vendors to personalize demonstrations so that they are relevant to your unique contexts.

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Facilitated decision-making

We personalize our suite of decision-making tools, guidelines, and techniques, to help you judge different tools based on your unique needs.

Implementation readiness

We focus on staff alignment to ensure technology adoption and the long-term sustainability of your technology investment.

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