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Vice President, Finance & Administration

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As Grantbook’s Vice President, Finance & Administration, Nick Verma is responsible for stewarding our thriving B Corp to the next level of sustainable growth. Nick brings deep expertise in financial prudence, planning, modelling and analytics to the Grantbook team. As the overseer of key business functions, as well as being the project sponsor of some of the initiatives that make Grantbook special—like our ESOP, salary and benefits structures, and B Corp certification and score—Nick’s ability to synthesize and explain complex financial ideas meaningfully is essential to maintaining Grantbook’s core value of transparency.

Nick has honed his skills over more than 15 years working for Enbridge, and most recently Deloitte, developing expertise in all major ERP and FPA systems, core Administration functions like HR and people/change management, negotiating service agreements, and establishing governance to foresee and manage risk. At Deloitte, he also acted as a project manager for complex ERP implementations, managed and mentored a team of consultants, and collaborated with C-Suite executives to drive top and bottom line growth, in line with organizational strategy. 

When he’s not analyzing and overseeing Grantbook’s financial, social, and environmental performance, Nick spends his time with his wife and son (Max), works on becoming a better negotiator with a fast-growing toddler, and tries to squeeze time where possible to watch sports and play video games.

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MBA (Finance), Wilfred Laurier University, May 2013

Certificate in Human Resources Management, York University, August 2004

Bachelor of Commerce, York University, August 2003

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