Leyla Razeghi-Hutchison

Senior Philanthropy Solutions Consultant

Strategy & Design

Key Results

Leyla Razeghi is a business strategist with over 15 years of experience. She has created, led and executed strategic plans that helped launch and grow over a thousand brands.

She is an Industrial Engineer with a Master's in Business Strategy and a degree in branding with over experience in consumer products, entrepreneurship, innovation and non-profits.

She has expertise in strategic planning, customer research and strategy, operational excellence, program design, fundraising, evaluation, and partnership-building. She started her career in Consumer Product leading organizations such as Procter & Gamble and Nestle, she has offered consulting services to non-profit organizations and small businesses and most recently, lead strategy, fundraising and operational planning for Indigenous funders and non-profit organizations in Canada.

As an Indigenous immigrant, she brings a unique perspective to her work, having lived in both El Salvador and Canada. Her career has been marked by a strong commitment to fostering positive change and an unwavering dedication to driving results.

She is also an expert solution-focus trained consultant, presenter, facilitator, negotiator, and communicator.

She is passionate about leveraging her expertise to drive innovation, empower organizations, and achieve their missions.

Notable Clients & Projects


  • Workshop facilitator and content creator 
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer research and analysis
  • Operational planning
  • Process efficiency
  • Key performance indicators
  • Communication plans
  • Current facilitator for courses at incubators at TMU

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Industrial Engineering 

Masters in Business Strategy and Innovation

Branding diploma

Solution-focus consulting

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