Salesforce Winter '24 Release

While the winter winds bring sweeping changes to our lives, Salesforce Winter ‘24 release notes are a breath of fresh air for grantmaking organizations and nonprofits around the world. At Grantbook, we have started using our own ‘Scale of Disruption’ to evaluate the level of impact of new tech, tools and processes on grantmakers.

Grantbook's Scale of Disruption (2024).

Mass Quick Actions

A standout feature in this release is the introduction of Mass Quick Actions. This net new functionality allows users to perform actions on multiple records at once, greatly enhancing efficiency. Some practical applications of this game-changing new feature include updating the status of multiple Grant Applications, or sending communications to several grantees simultaneously.

Flow Updates

There are several new time-saving flow features in this release. 

Transform Element

A screenshot of Salesforce's new Transform element.

The new Transform element in Flow Builder allows a seamless exchange of data collections between different Flow resources. This is a huge stride towards simplifying the integration of external data into Salesforce without requiring coding, moving toward a future with less code dependency. This new element will allow grantmaking organizations to easily automate the importing and translating of data from a legacy GMS. 

Custom Error Messages

You can now create tailored error messages to explain issues or provide necessary corrections to end users. This long-awaited update enhances user-friendliness and experience, as well as increasing issue resolution efficiency. Your Salesforce Admins and super-users can now share their deep knowledge about trouble-shooting and known errors more quickly and directly with your grantees and stakeholders. 

Other Notable Flow Improvements

  • The Grant Application experience continues to improve, supported by screenflow components that react dynamically to changes and user input
  • Salesforce has extended support for HTTP callouts from flows, broadening the scope of external integrations. In practical terms, this means that system admins with little to no coding experience can now use Flow Builder to fetch external data (for example, Charity Status or OFAC integration).

Outcome Management

What is it?

Outcome Management is a newly-introduced feature for Nonprofit Cloud, enabling nonprofits to define, measure and evaluate the results of their programs from a centralized tool. With various viewing perspectives such as organization-wide, per-program, per-grant, and per-grantee organization, it offers a comprehensive understanding of impact that you can slice and dice to see the data you need. 

The feature includes a pre-configured app and a dashboard that offers quick views of essential performance indicators, making it easier to share these results with stakeholders. 

Who will benefit from it?

  • Nonprofits can better demonstrate their impact, thereby supporting more informed decision-making and potentially attracting more support from stakeholders
  • Grantmakers will gain a clearer understanding of the impact of their grants and programs, enabling better resource allocation  
  • Stakeholders will receive more comprehensive and meaningful reports on program outcomes, enhancing transparency and trust
  • Communities and grantees will receive funding and support based on the most up-to-date data available, ensuring beneficial programs with strong outcomes will be recognized and invested in. 

Unsure where to start?

Start by exploring Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud, and familiarize yourself with the Outcome Management Feature. Experienced partners like Grantbook can help you in defining and measuring the outcomes you want to achieve with your programs, ensuring the appropriate metrics and indicators are built right into your tools. You can adjust your strategies, ensuring you are getting the most impact from your approach, by evaluating the data you’re gathering and engaging with your stakeholders. Plan to share the outcomes of your new approach and gather feedback on your stakeholders’ experience for continuous improvement. 

And of course, please reach out if you need a hand with any of the steps above; we are happy to help!

Shayna Follington

Shayna Follington

Senior Implementation Specialist

Systems Design & Salesforce

As a Senior Salesforce Implementation Specialist at Grantbook, Shayna brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for leveraging technology to drive social impact. Her journey into the world of Salesforce was fueled by a desire to create meaningful change through innovative solutions. She finds immense satisfaction in designing and implementing systems that not only meet the complex needs of nonprofit organizations but also enhance their ability to serve their communities effectively.

Currently, Shayna is working on understanding the nuanced challenges faced by nonprofits and grantmaking organizations and harnessing the power of Salesforce to address them. Her role involves everything from technical requirements gathering and solution design to data migration and system implementation.

What excites her most about this role is the opportunity to work closely with organizations that are making a real difference in the world. Each project presents unique challenges, and finding innovative solutions to these challenges is profoundly rewarding.

Lisette Peerlings

Salesforce Service Lead

Systems Design & Salesforce

Lisette cares deeply about finding efficient solutions to operational challenges in the social sector. Challenges may focus on institutional knowledge, business processes, change management, and technology. Here at Grantbook, Lisette has recommended a variety of solutions to clients, first as a Salesforce Philanthropy Solutions Consultant, and currently as Service Lead of our Salesforce Practice. When you reach out to us, there’s a big chance you will meet her!

Prior to joining Grantbook she worked for 18 years in the philanthropic, non-profit sector in various technical and non-technical roles. She has experience working with organizations in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Since 2016, she has been working with and within Salesforce.