Welcome to the GrantBook Spotlight Webinar Series!

Through GrantBook’s work with dozens of grantmakers and impact investors, we have developed a unique overview of knowledge existing within philanthropic organizations which, if shared across the sector, will unlock further collective impact. Our Spotlight Webinar Series features guest speakers from the philanthropic sector sharing expertise on topics that intersect technology planning, implementation and adoption.

GrantBook hosts more than 10 webinars every year and each webinar is designed to help you increase your philanthropic impact by supercharging your digital strategy. Facilitating this sector-wide “knowledge share” helps GrantBook achieve our mission to drive catalytic social change by improving the flow of $100 billion in philanthropic assets.

We invite you to join our Spotlight Webinar speakers as they share strategies grounded in real-world experience.

Upcoming Webinars

Below is a listing of our upcoming webinars. If you are keen on strategy, take a swing at one of our exciting topics!

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GrantBook believes it’s important that we live the values we promote – specifically, incorporating feedback loops into all our activities. At the end of each webinar, we survey attendees to make sure that we continually improve. Here is some of the real-time information we gather:

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Q1. The key concepts of the webinar were well structured and answered…

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Q2. The examples provided are concrete and useful…

Q3. Action/insight...

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Past Webinar Archive

Take a look at our past webinars:

Salesforce.com for Grantmakers and Impact Investors December 1st 2015

On Tuesday, December 1st, Tierney Smith and Rahi Delvi presented Salesforce for Grantmakers, Foundations and Impact Investors. They created a number of fun and simple demos on how Salesforce can power grant application intake, event registration and mass email newsletter broadcasting. These demos were from the perspective of a foundation executive, grants officer and grant recipient. You can browse through the presentation and watch the recorded webinar below:

Technology Adoption Strategies Tuesday Sep 29th 2015

On Tuesday September 29th Kathryn Meisner of GrantBook spoke with Omidyar Network’s Rachel Flynn and the Rockefeller Foundation’s Lauren Philson and Jereme Bivins about their technology adoption and change management challenges, successes and strategies.

Grants Management Systems Wednesday May 27th 2015

In collaboration between PFC and GrantBook, this webinar explored what to keep in mind as grantmakers consider adopting online funding request and grant management systems.

Guest speakers Lara Ellis (Ivey Foundation) and Mario Gravelle (The Counselling Foundation of Canada) provided high level information about their respective experiences (While Ivey Foundation was transferring from a grant management software, The Counselling Foundation of Canada was moving from a paper-based system) and, most importantly, the concerns that emerged in the process which ultimately lead both to secure a consultancy to expedite the process.

Impact Investing - April 8th 2015

On Wednesday April 8th, over 65 people joined Joel Solomon (Renewal Funds), Erica Barbosa-Vargos (J.W. McConnell Family Foundation) and Richard Muller (GrantBook) to discuss Impact Investing. You can download the presentation and watch the webinar: