GrantBook is asked to speak at different events, conferences and meetings. This page summarizes the different presentations and/or workshops we have participated in. GrantBook would be pleased to prepare a custom presentation to your board, staff or collaborators for your next AGM, meeting or conference. Contact us today.

PfC Symposium

On Wednesday October 18th, 2017, Lori Bartczak from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) and Anil from co-presented on the topic of Engaging Grantee Voice.

The interactive session presented ideas, concepts and approaches to engaging and trusting grantees will highlight work that has been explored by GEO.

She will share some of her insights on how grantmakers can more effectively engage the voice and perspectives of grantees and other stakeholders. GrantBook showcased promising digital ‘listening’ practices in philanthropy that are cost-effective, user-friendly and secure.

Surveymonkey Apply S.O.A. Webinar

On Tuesday September 25th, 2017, James and Anil co-presented the importance of Service Oriented Architecture with the Surveymonkey Apply team. The learning objectives of the webinar included:

  • What are integrations? What does it mean to have a tool built with integrations in mind?
    • Analogy #1: Travel
    • Analogy #2: Baking
  • Integration Strategy Examples:
    • Out of the box Configurations
    • Software Browser Plugins
    • Integration-As-A-Service Options
  • Value of integrations
    • Use the tools that you love or don’t know you use as much (where possible)
    • One of the hottest skills in the workplace

Sig Social R&D

August 14th 2017

GrantBook presented an update on our Social Research and Development strategy and concepts to a group of other practitioners.

There is An App for That

GrantBook is pleased to be speaking at the Community Foundation of Canada conference May 11th to 13th. This session will focus on the type of culture an organization needs to build, the alignment required to build the culture and framework to pick the right technologies to get the job done.

This session will be lead by Jennifer Toh and James Law, plus other industry leaders that bring complementary perspectives to the discussion.

Innovation, Philanthropy and Future of Work

Building off of research prepared for the Calgary Foundation, GrantBook and Community Foundation of Canada will explore the implications of technology and disruption, and how a Community Foundation can take advantage of this in their day to day planning.

Embark Funding


When: January 11th, 2017
Where: Online Presentation

Calgary Foundation

What is the best way to manage grants effectively?

When: December 15th, 2016
Where: Heritage Park, Calgary

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Philanthropic Foundations of Canada

What is the best way to manage grants effectively?

When: November 1st, 2016
Where: Four Seasons, Vancouver

9:00 am to 9:30 pm

GrantBook 4th Birthday Party

When: February 18th, 2016
Where: Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst Street.

6:00 pm – Arrivals
6:30 pm – Remarks

  • Introductions – Tonya Surman, Centre for Social Innovation
  • Past | Present | Future – Peter Deitz & Anil Patel & GrantBook

6:40 pm – Mix and Mingle
8:30 pm – Formal evening concludes
10:00 pm – Wrap up

Altus Dynamics

When: February 4th and 5th
Where: Toronto

Anil’s presentation focused on three main topics:
how a technology project of any size requires change management,

  1. How a technology project of any size needs support for change management;
  2. The concept and importance of interoperability and;
  3. The ‘Scrum’ method as an approach to project planning & software configuration.

He will speak on these topics in terms of what they mean in the grantmaking space and for philanthropic organizations.

US-Canada Investors Forum

When: March 10th and 11th
Where: New York City

The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, Consulate General of Canada in New York, Ontario’s International Marketing Centre in New York, and the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) are hosting a US-Canada Impact Venture and Investor Forum in NYC on March 10-11, 2015, featuring a delegation of leading impact entrepreneurs from Canada.  Designed to build connections between the Canadian and US markets, the Forum will include roundtable discussions on social entrepreneurship and impact investing, one-on-one mentorship sessions, and an evening reception featuring impact venture demos and a guest speaker.  Impact ventures will also have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one investor and business development meetings.

Government of Ontario

When: Tuesday November 25th
Where: Toronto, ON

The Government of Ontario is hosting a 400+ person event bringing different ministry staff and policy team members together for a forum on The Future of Policy Work. A summary of the learning objectives include how to operate an agile organization, examine a modern workforce and exploring right-skilling. Anil Patel is on a panel with Geoff Anderson, Kurtis Elton and Denis Carr to discuss The Future of Data and Analysis. As a bonus, StudioY Fellows (a funded program of the Government of Ontario) will be attending the session that kicks off the collaboration module that Anil is leading at StudioY.

SOCAP 2014

When: Tuesday September 2nd
Where: San Francisco, CA

Leading up to the start of Socap 2014, GrantBook is very excited to participate at a joint event hosted by the Consulate General of Canada and the Government of Ontario for a breakfast showcasing Social Impact Ventures and Investors. GrantBook is delighted to share – in four minutes or less – our work. We will be joining other Catapult Fund and/or Impact 8 participants including Raymond Shih (QOC Health), Alexandar Levy (My Voice AC) and Muricio Meza (KMO) as part of the delegation. Our goal over the course of SOCAP 2014 is meet with over 125 of the 2000+ delegates to find opportunities to work together. #VeryExciting.

Google Canada Inc

When: Sometime in September
Where: Toronto, ON

GrantBook will have the opportunity to present to Google Canada Inc about our advanced ‘tinkering’ of Google Drive and its related parts: Sheets, Documents, Slides and the Market Place such as LucidChart, MindMeister and SmartSheet. We look forward to this opportunity to showcase our work.

Corporate Community Investment Council

When: June 6th
Where: Ottawa, ON

GrantBook presented some food-for-thought for 30+ members of the Corporate Community Investment Council as part of their ongoing professional development mandate. In preparation for the meeting, GrantBook researched the different software applications that their membership currently uses.

Toronto Community Foundation

When: May 22nd
Where: Toronto, ON

GrantBook was asked to prepare a one hour Art-Of-The-Possible presentation to provide Toronto Community Foundation Development and Program officers an overview of what is new in terms of software and approaches to digital grant making.

Canadian Environmental Grantmaker’s Network Conference

When: May 14th
Where: Calgary, ON

GrantBook set-up a ‘Genius-Bar’ style learning station for conference delegates to ask any question about the digital strategy or software applications. We also prepared a hands-on workshop for grant board members and staff interested in learning more about the range of grants management software applications on the market place.