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Mukunda Murali is a software implementation intern at Grantbook for the summer term in 2020. He supports Grantbook's Philanthropy Consultants and Implementation Specialists in their implementation cycles, and develops training modules for internal and external use. Mukunda is a chemical engineering student from the University of Waterloo. He also has a strong passion for project management and product development.

Prior to his co-op at Grantbook, Mukunda worked two co-op terms at PepsiCo and one co-op term at Weston Foods both from the scope of process improvement engineering and business analyst roles. At his time at PepsiCo HQ he developed his passion for agile work environments, automation technology and software testing.

Mukunda is an international student from Chennai, India and started his undergrad in Canada in 2017. He developed a passion for nonprofits and philanthropy at an early age, as his mother co-led a nonprofit in India that provided basic English language and CS tutorials to underprivileged children.

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