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Archan Patel is a Software Implementation Intern at Grantbook for the Fall 2020 term. He helps to implement various software solutions for grant-making organizations. Archan looks to help in any way throughout the implementation cycle. Archan is a University of Waterloo undergraduate currently studying Systems Design Engineering.

Before coming to Grantbook, Archan had completed an internship at ATS Automation as a Software Toolset Developer. He gained skilled experience in database management and manipulation through queries. With his co-op term at Grantbook, he hopes to get exposure to project management as well as consultancy experience. 

Archan was born in New Jersey and grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. Philanthropy caught Archan’s attention when applying to co-op positions, and ultimately developed a passion for working with non profit organizations and/or foundations. He likes to travel and hopes to complete projects and internships abroad in the near future.

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  • Power BI
  • Visual Basic Applications
  • Excel
  • C++

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