Anil Patel

Co-Founder, Futurist & Design Thinker

Sector Trends, Future of Work, Design

Key Results

With more than two decades' experience in philanthropy and technology, I have written, reviewed, reported, and/or optimized the process for thousands of grant proposals. This has provided me with a unique perspective on how to re-imagine the flow of philanthropic information, so that people can devote more time to the most purposeful work. Currently, I'm exploring the Future of Work: specifically, how automation, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will disrupt most corners of the economy and many pockets of society.

Notable Clients & Projects

Oakville Community Foundation

Digital Strategy & Dashboard Prototyping

How did the Oakville Community Foundation keep its edge in a FinTech world by going all-in on digital strategy and cloud-based technologies for increased efficiency, engagement and entrepreneurship? Find out in this case study.

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