Putting People First - Lessons for Technology Selection

About six months ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Alberg-Seberich of Beyond Philanthropy to discuss the challenges with technology selection and adoption. We reflect on how at its centre, technology choices are about enabling everyone's highest potential and that staff alignment is an essential part to any organization's digital transformation. Of course, this applies to North American Philanthropy, German Philanthropy and beyond.

We spoke on Skype: Michael in Berlin and myself in Toronto - a knowledge share that once required a boat is now made instant by technology.

Audio available here if embed is broken.

Ensuring that all team members and stakeholders are on the same page is a key component to any successful Digital Strategy. Grantbook's practice revolves around being human-centred, embedding empathy and strong change management in all aspects of our work from technology selection to systems implementation and integration.

About Beyond Philanthropy

Beyond Philanthropy provides strategic advisory services, guiding our clients to design, develop and implement the most effective social change programmes.

Over the last years, Beyond Philanthropy has developed specialized knowledge in CSR, philanthropy and social investment and created a global network of strategic partners.

With its international reach and multidisciplinary team, Beyond Philanthropy has served clients in more than 30 countries, working on more than 80 projects with a direct impact on more than EUR 100m of social change funds.

James Law

Director, Relationship Development

Relationship Management, Fund Development, Strategy

The Digital Transformation of the way we work, live and play will continue to have profound impact on our economic and social structures. Steering this fourth industrial revolution to be human-centred and empathic is key to asustainable future. From community engagement to social finance to digital philanthropy, I invest daily in this work.