Getting Practical: Automation in Philanthropy

As part of our Theory of Change, GrantBook is dedicated to working with like-minded organizations with whom together, we can help improve the flow of funds and opportunities in philanthropy. With the recent launch of their new product, SurveyMonkey Apply, SurveyMonkey invited us to co-host a webinar on integrating best-in-class tools to complete work. Connecting multiple tools work together seamlessly allows folks to use the tools they like or want and prevents product developers from over-building to try to meet all needs, but potentially under-serving across the board - jack of all trades, master of none.

This is an example of how to get practical with our musings on automation and the future of work in philanthropy. We based these examples on very common activities in grant-making: needing to share lists of applicants and successful Grantees, e-mailing Grantees and organizing meetings with multiple parties involved (e.g. contractors, content providers, vendors). By integrating together tools like SurveyMonkey Apply, Salesforce, Google Sheets, GMail and Eventbrite we can start to see the potential of these principles in helping us increase our capacities to engage, analyze and iterate.

You can see the webinar here:

Supercharge Your Software - Survey Monkey Apply

James Law

Director, Relationship Development

Relationship Management, Fund Development, Strategy

The Digital Transformation of the way we work, live and play will continue to have profound impact on our economic and social structures. Steering this fourth industrial revolution to be human-centred and empathic is key to asustainable future. From community engagement to social finance to digital philanthropy, I invest daily in this work.