From Grantmaking to Impact Investing – with Measurement!

‍‍The Technology Affinity Group conference “Impact: Collectively Changing Communities” (Nov. 14-17, 2016) was a sold-out gathering of 275 philanthropic COOs, IT Directors, Operations & Grants Managers, and accidental but purposeful techies.

Trending Thoughts

Key questions overheard, indicating a shift in mindset about granting, included:

How can we...

  • ...change the mindset from “grantmaking workflow” to “investment workflow”?
  • ...view grants as investment vehicles?
  • ...shift the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role from administrative to decision support?
  • ...shift a Program Officer role from due diligence to investor?

The Measuring Impact plenary was a highlight. Led by Mariana Catz, with panelists pictured below, expertise was shared on how tech innovation in granting platforms and the subsequent tech disruptions have affected our ability as a sector to measure impact.

Mairana Catz
Ontario Trillium Foundation
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Michelle DiSabato
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David Goodman
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Hendry Bromelkamp
Bromelkamp LLC
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Anil Patel

Co-Founder, Futurist & Design Thinker

Sector Trends, Future of Work, Design

With more than two decades' experience in philanthropy and technology, I have written, reviewed, reported, and/or optimized the process for thousands of grant proposals. This has provided me with a unique perspective on how to re-imagine the flow of philanthropic information, so that people can devote more time to the most purposeful work. Currently, I'm exploring the Future of Work: specifically, how automation, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will disrupt most corners of the economy and many pockets of society.

James Law

Director, Relationship Development

Relationship Management, Fund Development, Strategy

The Digital Transformation of the way we work, live and play will continue to have profound impact on our economic and social structures. Steering this fourth industrial revolution to be human-centred and empathic is key to asustainable future. From community engagement to social finance to digital philanthropy, I invest daily in this work.