Armenian Civil Society

Michelle Moore, Managing Director of GrantBook, visited Armenia in July 2017.  These are reflections on discussions with Armenian Foundations and NGOs.

Highlights of this Blog

Key opportunities for Armenian philanthropy to reach high levels of impact include:

  1. ACHIEVE Separation of Roles. Avoid the continued hybrid foundation which acts as both funder and program implementer which limits focus and effectiveness  
  2. START Formal Grantmaking. Focus strategic mandate in a few specific areas and align grantmaking strategy with strategic short, medium and long-term impact goals.  Establish formal grantmaking processes in foundations to build trust in the sector & achieve transformative impact.
  3. GET Digital Strategy.  Invest in the right set of integrated cloud-based technologies to enable activation & realization of the strategic mission. True capacity building cannot happen in the absence of a digital strategy. 
  4. GET Data Strategy. Collect data about the problems you are trying to solve, to demonstrate longer-term impact.  Collect data that improves the way your team acts. 
  5. COLLABORATE TO INNOVATE. Stakeholders in Armenia have the opportunity to come out of their own silos, to generate action for common causes.  Private sector innovation can collaborate with social innovators and vice versa.

Read the full report here.

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