Affiliate Group Partners

Do you champion collaboration, professional development and networking opportunities for your philanthropy community or association membership? Are you responsible for preparing or planning conferences and events? If so, GrantBook wants to work with your organization.



We know that affiliate groups like yours must produce exceptional content so your members can justify paying annual dues and conference registrations. Consider GrantBook as one of your trusted value-add partners!


Our Approach

If you have a regularly scheduled webinar series for your members, GrantBook would be pleased to co-present material related to philanthropy, specifically on grants management and impact reporting. We can prepare content ranging from picking the right grants management system, to impact reporting, to change management.

GrantBook has developed a range of content that can be customized to be relevant for small or large foundations and to roles from program managers, to CEOs, to IT specialists.

Conference Panels

Our Approach

Does your association convene members and collaborators at conferences or other gatherings? If so, GrantBook would be happy to make use of our growing body of knowledge and trend-spotting in the philanthropic landscape.


Do you want to offer your conference participants a place to ask general technology questions? Would they benefit from having a team on site where they can see firsthand all the new and amazing tools and tips that will accelerate their work? GrantBook is happy to invest in co-creating tailored learning experiences that “wow” your event-goers.


Our Approach

Do you want to learn from your membership base? Do you have a range of survey and evaluation approaches that you conduct over time? Looking for ways to better collect, curate and share what is happening? It is important to create stunning visuals and other forms of interactive infographics that helps tell your story? Looking to ensure that your technology systems are compatible with each other?

GrantBook can help co-design and implement right-sized approaches that will transform the way you learn from your stakeholders.

Because GrantBook focuses exclusively on grantmakers and impact investors, we understand the rich and diverse range of foundations and grant makers in the space. If you have affinity programs that focus on staff size (e.g. few or no staff), governance needs (e.g. intergenerational succession planning for family foundations), accountability best-practices (e.g. public foundations), granting mandates (e.g. community foundations) or staff roles (e.g. IT staff), then GrantBook has customizable content to make your next webinar, conference or research report come to life.

Sample: Panel Presentation

The Gathering

More than 50 Corporate Community Investment Managers convened for their semi-annual gathering. Their goal was to learn more about trends and promising practices related to online grants management. While colleagues have an informal sense of who is using what technology, they did not have a consolidated view of technology use across the entire sector.

What We Did

Prior to the presentation, GrantBook conducted original research to determine which corporate grantmakers are using what technologies. We compiled the raw data into a summary chart (see right) that was presented to the membership.

The Results

Our work allowed participants in the room to discuss their decision making process, how online grants management tools are being used and functionalities to support grant intake, review and administration. The discussion was particularly helpful to corporate grantmakers that were considering migrating to a cloud, SaaS solution: All the data was readily summarized for them.

Sample: PfC Webinar

In partnership with the Philanthropic Foundations of Canada, GrantBook co-prepared a webinar with two of their members, Counselling Foundation of Canada and Ivey Foundation. Leading up to the webinar, we worked with their team to create a survey for members. This survey collected, curated and shared which technologies different members were using.

We have shared the presentation with you:

Sample: Conference Materials

In preparation for the Council on Foundation’s Conference April 26th to 28th, GrantBook prepared a series of Primers inline with the learning objectives set out by the conference organizers. Our goal was to provide tailored content offering the 500+ attendees with right-sized ideas they could take back to their colleagues.

You can expect from us…

  • Current trends and insight that is sector specific and technology agnostic
  • Well documented business cases
  • Well written case studies and beautifully designed infographics
  • Participation at important events you host

What we expect from channel partners…

  • You take channel partnerships as seriously as we do
  • You recognize partnerships are critical to growth and success
  • You agree there is more we can do together than alone