Our Culture

We strive to create an open, honest and caring environment that fosters creativity, experimentation and success.

We Believe

People work best when they are allowed to follow their intuition and bring their whole selves to work.

We Enact

We enact our beliefs through core principles and practices.

Core Principles

Be mindful.

We aspire to meaningful, respected and profitable work, and recognize that being mindful of individuals, the team, and realistic expectations is key.

Evidence trumps claims.

We believe that good decisions come from iteration and debate. When faced with choices, we favour evidence over claims.

Actions speak louder than words.

We place a high value on moving from words to action in a timely manner. Through action, we create magical moments to celebrate.

Core Practices


We encourage team members to bring their whole selves to work - to interact with honest and mutual understanding. We invest the time to build emotional literacy and to foster a sense of shared ownership over our work.

  • Whole selves are welcome at work
  • Emotional literacy to understand other perspectives
  • Shared sense of ownership of our work
  • Invest time for relationship-building


We trust each team member to know how to complete their work best, and to seek advice, gather support and make decisions proactively. We champion continuous learning and flexibility, adapting our strategies as new lessons and challenges arise.

  • Both trustworthy and trusting
  • Proactive and adaptive to change
  • Autonomous but accountable
  • Anticipate long-term needs and trade-offs


We aspire to cultivate an environment that encourages openness and direct speech. Our team embraces self-awareness; we encourage acknowledging the feelings, motivations and thoughts behind our individual contributions.

  • Open-door policy: anyone should be able to talk to anyone
  • Be self-aware, because honesty starts with the self
  • Have frank conversations when something isn't working
  • Transparency empowers our work and cooperation


In a world where things are changing rapidly, learning constantly is vital to getting things right. Our team embraces agility over stagnancy, to deliver the best we can to philanthropy while minimizing risks.

  • Employ agile methodology and scrum to boost efficiency
  • Choose experimentation and learning over obsolescence
  • Innovate for long-term resiliency
  • Take strategic risks when necessary

We Are Inspired By

Our beliefs and practices evolve constantly as we encounter more brilliant ideas. Here are just a few:

Teal Organizations

“When trust is extended, it breeds responsibility in return. Emulation and peer pressure regulates the system better than hierarchy ever could.”

Scrum & Agile

“Scrum doesn’t have project managers. Instead, the team is empowered. They’re responsible for the outcome, and they can manage themselves. The classic project manager ‘boss’ of the team isn’t needed in Scrum.”

Systems Change

“The crisis of our time isn’t just a crisis of a single leader, organization, country, or conflict. The crisis of our time reveals the dying of an old social structure and way of thinking, an old way of institutionalizing and enacting collective social forms.”

Nurturing Creativity

“Getting the right people and the right chemistry is more important than getting the right idea.”

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