COVID-19: Business as (Un)Usual

Almost any response in these unprecedented times has a short shelf life. So, we’re launching this page, and will be updating it frequently.

At Grantbook we exist to answer two key questions—what does the world need from philanthropy and what does philanthropy need from Grantbook? Getting the answers right to those questions feels especially urgent these days. So we’re listening intently for the answers and are ready to mobilize.

Those who know us get that WFH (working from home) is second nature to Grantbookers. Throughout our eight years, we’ve attracted a nimble tribe of technophiles savvy in remote service delivery. While there may be precious little that is usual in the coming days, we can certainly offer you a steady beat of “usual” by helping you sustain progress on your philanthropic work, current and emergent.

We get that you need to be as strategic and deliberate as ever in your grantmaking and we remain dedicated to helping you with the tech choices that support your grantees effectively and empathically. We want to understand the emergent needs for your business, and the role digital can play in shaping your response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Pro Bono Coaching and Advisory

We’re currently offering Office Hours—time with our Philanthropy Solutions & Tech Consultants—to learn how we might help with challenges from strategic to tactical. Whether it’s streamlining operations, expediting grants, or connecting with resources and new partners, we want to hear from you. These coaching/advisory calls are being offered at no cost to help you respond to this urgent situation as rapidly as possible.

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Grantbook's Response Resources

Response Framework

We’ve created a response framework to help frame and channel our efforts to support the philanthropic sector. We’ll be updating the framework frequently, and doing deep dives into what we see as the most pressing issues.

Philanthropy in Timescales

Our first deep dive resource looks at philanthropy in timescales. While many of us are (rightfully) focused on what we can do right now, it’s also important to consider the medium and long term impacts of this crisis. We look to the ways philanthropy has responded to other disasters to create some hypotheses about the short, medium, and long term implications.

Grantbook Bytes — Podcast

We've launched a podcast, where we’re sharing conversations about the intersection of philanthropy and technology. The first episode is live, and you can listen online, or via your favourite podcast app.

Collaborations and Convenings: How Philanthropy is Stepping Up

We’re also actively tracking signals and trends in the sector, and will continue to curate and share responses and resources.

See you online...

Grantbook is committed to doing everything we can to help the sector get through this crisis. The work of Foundations and grantmakers is more urgent than ever, and we’re here to support you. We’re doing our best to listen to the needs of the sector, and actively developing additional ways to provide support, guidance, and community. We’ll roll these out as soon as they’re ready—in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out.

While these are undeniably difficult times, our team has been heartened by the thoughtfulness and resiliency of the sector. We see teams rapidly adapting to work-from-home scenarios, Foundations finding ways to collaborate and convene, and communities popping up to provide much needed support.

We will continue to corral and share resources here and we look forward to seeing you—and your pets, your children, your homes—via video conference. I for one apologize in advance for my zany cats who insist on pin-balling around the house when I am on my most serious of video calls.

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Nikki Barrett, Managing Director, and the entire Grantbook team

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